Supporting Irish food companies in Dubai

The food sector is of increasing importance to the IBN as more Irish products become available in the UAE market both in retail and food service, and as Irish food companies set up offices here.

Broadly, the food industry comprises a complex network of activities pertaining to the supply, consumption, and catering of food products and services across Dubai.

The food industry is highly diverse and comprises several important components. Each component adds distinct value to the whole food chain by improving sustainability and producing better products.

The varied activities of the food sector are classified as follows:

  • Activities for growing crops, raising livestock and sea food.
  • ¬†Food processing of fresh products into canned and packed goods, including frozen foods.
  • Research and development on food technology.
  • Recycling and managing waste
  • ¬†Media interaction with the food industry
  • Provision of expertise to local food production
  • Marketing and brand development

Food and agriculture is also a growing area of business between Ireland and the UAE. Ireland exports 90 per cent of the food it produces, the UAE imports 90 per cent of the food it consumes.

The IBN food sector group meets regularly with the opportunity for Dubai based professionals, to interact, and network and with each other, as well as engaging with top food specialists from Ireland.

Sector Leads

Colette Shannon
Cormac Sheedy

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